Registration for the 2021/2022 season is now open.   

For beginners the season will start in early November and end in early February.  Some of the more experienced wrestlers will compete through the end of February.  Our wrestling schedule will be released early November once USA wrestling posts the complete tournament schedule



  • Registration is $75 per athlete and ends on October 31st (multiple child discounts are available and will be applied during registration)
  • This program is designed for K-8th grade.
  • Practice begins Monday, Nov 8th @ High School Field House
  • Generally practice is held in the evenings (6:30-8:00) on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Practice schedule may be adjusted to accommodate the needs of the program.
  • Work Ethic and Attendance – You get out what you put in.  Missing practices will have an affect on the athletes success in practice and during competition.
  • Practice will be high energy and fast paced
  • The wrestling room will be open to wrestlers and coaches only.
  • Practice cancellations are determined by the Pickens County school system.  If school is cancelled, practice is cancelled.
  • We expect that your child will listen to the coaches and respect others


  • Your child should come dressed in shorts and a t-shirt.  Sweat clothes are not advised.
  • Wrestling shoes
  • Water
  • Head gear (recommended but not required for practice)
  • Knee pads are optional


  • There are novice and open tournaments that the team will participate in throughout the year.
  • In order to complete in a USA Wrestling sanctioned event, an “ATHLETE” membership card must be purchased.   Either of the two links below will get you to the correct location to purchase a USA Wrestling membership card.  Membership cards are about $40/year
  • Any dual meets scheduled with local teams will be at no cost to the athlete and will not require a USA wrestling card.



Wrestling involves a unique balance of practically every aspect of physical and psychological conditioning. Strength is as important as stamina. Speed as technique, strategy as intensity and power as is coordination. However, it’s not always the natural athlete that ultimately succeeds in the sport – it’s the natural competitor. Kids that are strong for their weight,

well-coordinated and naturally aggressive are usually more successful early on in the sport. However, it’s the highly competitive kids that really enjoy the sport, that eventually achieve the highest levels of success. True competitors come in all shapes and sizes, and in varying degrees of natural talent. Many of the best wrestlers the world has ever seen (John Smith, Dan Gable, Dave Schultz and Jordan Burroughs) were not star athletes. They are, and were, ordinary people with an extraordinary competitive drive. Gifted athletes, especially those that are strong and well-coordinated, typically do well and take an early liking to the sport. Some kids that thrive on competition, with only average or below average natural ability, often surprise parents and coaches by eventually surpassing more gifted kids through hard work and preparation. Although it is wise for parents and coaches to de-emphasize winning,

victories can be extremely gratifying because of the strong sense of personal accomplishment. The effort put forth in practice and preparation is apparent in competition, and not lost in a team effort. This aspect of wrestling can be a great motivator and teacher, and can develop a person’s work ethic, self-confidence and ability to achieve in all areas of life. Wrestling is great for exposing the “champion” within most any kid, but especially those that love to compete.