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Mission Statement
The Jasper Youth Sports Association will provide a positive and enjoyable learning experience for area youth, teaching sportsmanship, teamwork, work ethic, fair play, dedication and proficiency in any sport within Jasper Youth Sports Association. The Association was formed and is operated under the premise that the best interests of the players and cheerleaders and that any and all efforts undertaken by the Association will support the following as its one and only priority... The Kids Come First!
The JYSA Booster Club

The JYSA Booster Club is comprised of a network of dedicated Parents and Volunteers who are committed to making JYSA the best organization it can be. We strive for 100% member participation.

Why Should I join the Jasper Youth Sports Association Booster Club?

~ To show your support in JYSA for our children, their volunteer coaches, and the Assocation
that works so hard to make all of this possible!

~ You get free admission to all home events (games, wrestling, tournaments, etc.)

~ You gain an active voice withing the JYSA Organization as well as voting rights.

We strive for 100% member participation. Member involvement is a key component when it comes to the success and continuation of an organization and its programs. We encourage all of our parents to join and help JYSA continue to provide sports to the youth of our community.

What does the Booster Club do?

The Booster Club at JYSA is an integral part of our organization. Not only do we help keep overall operating costs down, we also contribute much needed support to the programs that fall within JYSA.

Beginning Spring/Summer 2013, the JYSA Booster Club will be sponsoring several events for the youth in the City of Jasper and Pickens County. You can read more about upcoming happenings on the Other Events page.