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Mission Statement
The Jasper Youth Sports Association will provide a positive and enjoyable learning experience for area youth, teaching sportsmanship, teamwork, work ethic, fair play, dedication and proficiency in any sport within Jasper Youth Sports Association. The Association was formed and is operated under the premise that the best interests of the players and cheerleaders and that any and all efforts undertaken by the Association will support the following as its one and only priority... The Kids Come First!
Concessions Committee

If you are interested in assisting with the Concessions Committee, please feel free to reach out to any one of our Board Members.


Objective: Responsible for the concessions related activities within the association to include revenue generating sales and service to the membership and community of food, beverages and apparel items on behalf of the association.


  • Identify a Co-Coordinator and present to Booster Club President for approval

  • Recruit and identify membership of committee.

  • Responsible for ensuring an updated concessions stand safety policy is place and communicated to all concessions shift managers and committee members

  • Update and maintain a concessions operations procedure document that details the flow of operations including food preparation and equipment usage

  • Responsible for volunteer registration and training.

  • Ensures the monitoring of Shift Managers by concessions committee members to ensure that they are following guidelines and are supported so as the concession stand is operating safely, efficiently and effectively

  • Establishes a fair and equitable scheduling of team/squad coverage of for all games shifts. This involves working closely with the program coordinators from cheer and football to align with their schedules.

  • Ensures adequate, but not excessive quantities and varieties of food and beverages are ordered and on hand for stand operations.

  • Ensure hours of operation are established and maintained to provide reasonable levels of service for members before, during and after games. Typically, be open at least thirty minutes before the first game of the day running through to third quarter of the last game of the day.

  • Strives to finish out the season with zero inventories, while considering the service aspect of the operations during the last home games.

  • Must monitor closely and report on financial matters relating to concessions including;

    • Purchases, inventory, revenues and profits/losses by shift, daily, weekly and annually.

    • Considers products and styles for apparel sales and establishes reasonable price points.

  • Must monitor closely and report on all financial matters relating to apparel sales, including;

    • Purchases, inventory, revenues and profits/losses by product line monthly, year-to-date and annually.

  • Supports the annual budgeting process in conjunction with the Finance Committee Chairperson, Treasurer, Coordinators, Equipment Management, Vice President and President.

  • Works with school authorities to ensure an adequate shutdown of concession stand at the end of the season.

  • Attends all Booster Club and General Association meetings

  • Institutes, documents, monitors, and emphasizes best practices for role.

Skills Required:

  • Communication, Interpersonal, Delegation, Financial, Organizational, Computer (Word, Email), Planning, Project Management.