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Mission Statement
The Jasper Youth Sports Association will provide a positive and enjoyable learning experience for area youth, teaching sportsmanship, teamwork, work ethic, fair play, dedication and proficiency in any sport within Jasper Youth Sports Association. The Association was formed and is operated under the premise that the best interests of the players and cheerleaders and that any and all efforts undertaken by the Association will support the following as its one and only priority... The Kids Come First!
Equipment Committee

If you are interested in assisting with the Equipment Committee, please feel free to reach out to any one of our Board Members.


Objective: Responsible for purchasing, inventory, and maintenance of all safety equipment, field equipment, Coaching/ Training equipment.


  • Recruit and identify membership of committee.

  • Identify and make recommendations to the Board all equipment that needs to be:

    • Sent for reconditioning

    • Disposed of for Safety Reasons

    • Purchased as replacement

  • Make recommendations to Board for additional equipment to be purchased to include:

    • Blocking Sleds

    • Hand shields

    • Blocking Dummies

    • Other Coach's Equipment

  • Coordinate Equipment turn out and return.

  • Notify the Board as to which game jerseys need replacing annually

  • Supports the annual budgeting process in conjunction with the Finance Committee Chairperson, Treasurer, Coordinators, Concession Management, and President.

  • Attends all Booster Club and General Association meetings

  • Institutes, documents, monitors, and emphasizes best practices for role.

Skills Required:

  • Communication, Interpersonal, Delegation, Financial, Organizational, Computer (Word, Email), Planning, Project Management.

Equipment, Repairs